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Swim Team Volunteer Policy

Most youth sports only need a single referee to run games, but our swim meets can have 200 swimmers competing, and they require 20-25 parents from each team to be timers, officials, scorers, etc.  Most volunteer roles can be filled with no prior swim experience, and there are also non-meet activities (socials, etc.) where we need volunteers.  To make sure the volunteer load is shared, each family on swim team has a volunteer obligation (Mini Ospreys are exempt).  Families who choose to not fulfill that obligation are charged a volunteer opt-out fee.

The Swim Team Volunteer Opt-Out Fee is $150 per family (for families that do swim and dive team, there's just a single $150 fee).  A charge on your card will be pre-approved but not charged at registration.  We will process the charge after the season if the volunteer obligation is not met.  This policy is not intended to be punitive or to prevent children from joining OKM teams.  If you have extenuating family circumstances that impact your volunteering, please talk with your Team Rep.  Here's the Swim Team Policy:

  1. The standard requirement is a family needs to volunteer for at least six credits (typically six meets or events).
  2. But for families that participate in less than six meets, the requirement will be the number of meets they swim (e.g., a family that participates in only four meets will need four credits).
  3. New for 2019 – Working Time Trials will count as a volunteer credit!
  4. Volunteer opportunities will be posted before meets throughout the season.  Families may earn multiple credits at a single event by having multiple family members volunteer (even children over age 12 can fill some meet roles).
  5. Volunteer credits can also be earned by filling non-meet roles throughout the season, such as planning/running social events.
  6. Families seeking to earn credits at a meet where every volunteer position is already filled can sign up for an “overflow” position and will be assigned a position at the meet if needed.
  7. There are no partial fee refunds because of the associated accounting difficulties. 
  8. The minimum credit requirement is a floor and not a ceiling!  If a job needs to be filled and you’re available, please help even if you’ve met your obligation. Working a meet is often more fun that just being a spectator!
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Swim Meet Volunteer Positions


Awards Clerk -- (Table job) Secures computer-printed labels to ribbons/medals.

Clerk of Course -- Help organize swimmers into their assigned heats & lanes. We prefer to have at least two at each meet with prior COC experience.

Concessions -- Help with serving/selling food at the concessions stand.

Overflow -- This is a "backup" position that fills in if there are last-second cancellations by other volunteers.  This position can only be signed up for when all other spots are filled. 

Place Recorder -- (Table job) Verifies official time is correct on each time card, arranges the cards for each heat in order of finish (fastest time on top), staples DQ slips to time cards, and records team/league records.

Runners -- Carry time cards from timers and DQ slips from officials to the results tables.

Safety Marshals -- Monitor swimmer safety during warmup; assist with crowd and noise control during the meet. ** Duties begin at time of swimmer-warm ups **

Swimmer Supervisor -- Monitors swimmer behavior in the team area so coaches can focus on the swimmers in the pool (great job for parents who need to keep their own young kinds with them during the meet).

Time Verifier -- (Table job) Confirms that computer generated race results match the individual time cards to ensure accuracy before results are announced.

Timers -- 3 timers are assigned to each lane. Host team provides one timer on lanes 1,3, & 5 and two timers on lane 2, 4, & 6. Vice versa for the visiting team. One timer on each lane is responsible for posting the time on the time board.

Timers/Relay Takeoff Judges -- for A Meets only, once the relays start, these timers observe the relay exchanges to see if a swimmer leaves the wall before the incoming swimmer touches.


Referee (Home Team) -- The lead deck official who verifies all DQ calls by stroke & turn judges and false start calls by the starter; has responsibility for the overall running of the meet.

Starter (Home Team) -- Gives the "take your mark" command and triggers the starting horn for each race; make false start calls in conjunction with the Referee.

Stroke & Turn Judges (2 from each team) -- Observes 1/4 of the competition pool and makes disqualification (DQ) calls when a swimmer fails to adhere to the rules for a given stroke.

Announcer (Home Team) -- Announces the lane assignments for each event, meet results, team scores, and other pertinent meet information.  The announcer is also in charge of playing music during warmup and during meet breaks.

Chief Timer -- Oversees the timers; starts two backup watches for every race; collects cards from timers and checks them before giving them to the runner.

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Season-Long Volunteer Roles (and 2019 Volunteers)

  • A-MEET DATA COORDINATORSJennifer & Brad Hallman (For home A meets, conduct meet merge and meet-sheet/cards and do data entry at the meets; oversee A-Meet tables generally)
  • ANNOUNCER(S) – Kathryn Teague & Kathy Pape (Announce all home meets; help coordinate Senior Graduation Recognition)
  • B-MEET DATA ENTRY – Jeanne Bliss (For all B-Meets, run the team computer and input times during the meet)
  • B-MEET CARD PREP – Adrienne Schavland (On Mondays before B-Meets, finalize all entries per coach/rep direction and print/organize meet cards)
  • CHIEF TIMERS – Becky Frazer, Jorge Torrico (lead the meet timers; provide backup watches; collect and check time cards after races)
  • CLERK OF COURSE LEAD – Wendie Green (Run the COC for all home meets)
  • CONCESSIONS – Kris Kockler & Kim Hintos (Plan, purchase and sell food at all home meets; coordinate with OKM snack bar on inventory)
  • END-OF-SEASON BANQUET COORDINATOR – Katie Stegmaier (Banquet setup; potluck food coordination, etc.)
  • EVENING SWIM COORDINATOR – Becky Rotem (oversees coach staffing and parent communications for our evening swim and evening mini programs)
  • OFFICIALS LEAD – Fred Gibson (Oversee & assign all deck officials for all meets; ensure training/certs are up to date)
  • PHOTOGRAPHER/SLIDE SHOW – Patrick Teague (Takes team picture; take candid photos during season and creates slide show)
  • SOCIALS (TEAMWIDE) – Monica Fischer (Plan and coordinate 4 pep rallies; potluck breakfast; and other team events)
  • SOCIALS (AGE 11-UP) – Michele Mullen (Plan and coordinate teen progressive dinner and other 11-up social event (e.g. Escape Room)
  • SPECIAL PROJECTS – Kim Hintos (Gift collections; merchandise distributions; Osprey Hop coordinator)
  • SPIRITWEAR – Sue Rizzardi (Oversee selection of spiritwear items and setting up online store for purchases)
  • SPONSOR COORDINATOR – Kim Hintos (Seeks sponsors for team t-shirt and pool banners)
  • VOLUNTEER COORDIANTOR – Sue Rizzardi (Ensures volunteer positions are covered and checks in volunteers at the meets)
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Thanks to Our Amazing Sponsors!

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