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OKM Swim Practice Policies & Schedule

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    Practice Policies

    Please Don't Distract the Coaches.  Please don't approach the coaches during practice unless there's an urgent safety issue. They need to keep their attention on the swimmers in the water at all times.

    Be Punctual and Ready to Swim.  Swimmers should arrive at OKM early enough to use the bathroom, get sunscreen on (if needed), and cap/goggles ready before their practice starts.

    Attendance.  Our team practices every weekday once the season starts, and we know swimmer will need to miss occasionally, but consistent attendance is certainly a big factor in maximizing improvement.  We don't take attendance, and if you're going to miss a practice or two, there's no need to notify the team.  But if you're going on vacation for a week, please notify the coach or team rep. 

    Make-Up Practice.  If swimmers need to miss morning practice, they're welcome to attend Evening Swim as long as there's space available.

    Drop-Offs.  For Mini Ospreys, parents/guardians most remain at practice.  For regular team, if you drop off your swimmer and leave, please pay attention to the weather.  Any thunder means the pool closes and swimmers cannot stay inside the pool enclosure.

    Where Parents Should Sit.  For afternoon practices when the pool is open, parents can sit anywhere, but we ask that they not "hover" right over the practice lane of their swimmer.  For morning practices when the pool is closed, parents need to sit at the tables or under one of the pavilions -- and not next to the competition lanes.

    2019 OKM After-School Swim Practice Schedule (May 28 – June 13):

      • Only May 28 -- NEW 12-Unders come for their eval.  ALL 13-overs (and anyone swimming that practice) start at 4:30PM.  We start the full normal schedule on Wed., May 29.
      • Monday-Friday:
        • 4:30PM – 5:30PM 13 & Up
        • 5:30PM – 6:15PM 9-12 year olds
        • 6:15PM – 7:00PM 8 & Unders
      • NOTE: For the after-school practices, swimmers may attend practices outside of their age assignments if necessary but need to ask the head coach first.

    • 2019 OKM Morning Swim Practice Schedule (June 14 – July 22)
      • Monday-Friday:
        • 8:00AM-9:00AM 13 & Up
        • 9:00AM-10:00AM 9-12 year olds
        • 10:00AM-11:00AM 8 & Unders
      • ** July 23-26 practices will be held for swimmers who qualify for Divisonals

    • OKM Mini Ospreys Practice Schedule (June 17 – July 19)
      • Monday-Friday: 10AM-10:30 or 10:45AM (depending on group)
                **No Minis practice on July 4

    • 2019 OKM Evening Swim & Evening Minis Practice Schedule
      --This schedule is for swimmers signed up for Evening Program -- morning swimmers from regular team may do make-up practices in evening on a space-available basis; **We are NOT able to accommodate morning Minis for evening make-up practices.

      --Evening Minis Runs 5 weeks and ends July 18

      • May 28-June 14:
        • 5:30-6:15PM or 6:15-7:00PM Monday-Friday (with regular team)
      • June 16 – July 21 – days will vary but time is always 6:30-7:30PM:
        • June 16 (Sun), June 18 (Tues), June 20 (Thurs)
        • June 23 (Sun), June 25 (Tues), June 27 (Thurs)
        • July 30 (Sun), July 2 (Tues), July 3 (Wed)
        • July 7 (Sun), July 11 (Thurs) (*Tues/Wed conflicts this week)
        • July 14 (Sun), July 16 (Tues), July 18 (Thurs)
        • July 21 (Sun), **July 24 (Wed), **July 25 (Thurs)
          • No Minis this final week
          • ** The July 24 & 25 practices are only for swimmers who qualify for Divisionals
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