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OKM has two categories of memberships: Full (Bonded) and Associate. Within those categories, we offer options for (a) families and (b) individuals. We also offer a discount for Associate members who are active duty military. Dues, team fees, guest pass offers, party rates and guest pass costs are subject to change and are determined yearly by the board. 

Bonded and Associate Memberships Comparison

Membership Details Full Bonded Associate
Year-round access OKM tennis courts Yes No
Annual Membership Dues Always $100 less than Associate fee No Discount
Party Area Rental Free* $25
Guests passes awarded for on-time payment 10 5
Team Sport Fees $110 for first two registrations, $85 each additional $135 for first two registrations, $110 each additional
Able to serve on board of directors Yes No
Full Voting Rights at General or Special Meetings of Membership Yes No
Families can add up to two caregivers and 2 live-in grandparents to their membership (for no additional cost) Yes Yes
  • * Reservation fee for bonded members is applied to their party
    guest fees.

Bonded members pay a one-time bond payment ($675) in their first year of membership. We do, however, currently offer a discount on the membership fee for new bonded members. If you purchase the bond, you will only pay an additional $300 in membership fees this summer.

2018 Annual Dues (does not include bond purchase)

Family Military Discount Individual
Full (Bonded) $575 n/a $375
Associate $675 $630 $475

The initial cost of the bonded membership will pay for itself over just a few years. For example, if a family has two children each playing two sports and have one party a year at the pool:

Annual Dues $100 savings No discount
Fees for four team registrations (e.g., two sports each for two children) $100 savings
($25 per registration)
No discount
Party Rental $25 savings* $25 rental fee
  • Reservation fee for bonded members is applied to their party
    guest fees.

Each year, they will continue to save. The current bond promotion makes the choice even easier. In this scenario and with the bond promotion, bonded membership will pay for itself and realize savings as early as the second year of membership.We recommend bonded membership for people who play to stay in the area for at least 3 years. Associate membership and/or Associate Military membership are best for those families who are unsure of how long they will be here. We offer a conversion option for Associate members who later decide to become Bonded members.

Please contact Jessica Bradley, our membership director, with any questions about membership.

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